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Here & now...

How do we find our best in a virtual remote world? 


With more of us than ever finding ourselves working from home (and possibly with a house full of others!) we have engaging online options to help you speed your way to your new normal. 

The Learning Collective is back, but this time we are live online! Whether you want to find and develop your best self no matter what your situation is right now, re-imagine the future or discover the secrets to building a strong nurturing culture, book your place now.

Start 2021 like a Jedi —
Awaken the force within you…

Let’s face it, we are all pleased to see the end of 2020. Whether you were running to keep up with all the new demands on your time and attention, or you are wondering where the last 10 months went to in lockdown limbo. We have all learnt a lot about ourselves (and not just new words we had never heard of before such as Furlough).

So, starting 2021, as well as feeling like A New Hope, is an opportunity to reset and use our internal force to reimagine what the coming year could be. We’ve dealt as best we can with The Phantom Menace of coronavirus, and with baby Yoda inspiring us, we feel like it’s time for the Return of the Jedi!




Bite-size Live sessions 

Our Bite-size sessions are now available as interactive webinars using some whizzy technology. Perfect for connecting teams wherever they are.

Modules include:

  • Being brilliant and finding your fantastic self

  • Performing at your best

  • Seeing the wood for the trees

  • Sky rocketing your future

  • Embracing change

  • Don't just be well, be awesome

  • Be cool as ice — stop, collaborate and listen

  • Building an all-star team

  • Sky rocketing your stars 

  • Communicate and collaborate NASA style


  • Be your best self in a virtual world

  • Best first day ever – In a virtual world, how do you create an exciting and engaging onboarding process for people to experience not just attend?


Interactive digital learning tools

Online learning tools: Designed to offer blended learning, practice and reflective action planning:

  • Digital Snapshots

  • Conversation Guides

  • Self-led Wildcards

  • Live Business Challenges

We can also create digital modules using your own content.

Brilliant! Really great session and content. Loved the interactive bits and the breakout ‘rooms’. I learned so much I can use straight away

Virtual coaching Bite-size participant

Re-imagining the world

Using the gift of thinking time to get creative and solve business challenges.

What is the number 1 barrier to businesses performing at their best? TIME! 

Re-imagining the world is a 4–8 weeks blended learning programme designed to stimulate and inspire through learning and practice. Learn how to be curious and problem solve, and then work with others (even in different teams or across the globe) to generate ideas to make a difference. The result is a set of fresh new ideas and an engaged team ready to own them.

A programme could include:

Defining your business challenge

This is a great place to tell your story and give people more insight into who you are, what you do, and why it’s all about you.

Bite-size Live interactive sessions
Creating brilliant experiments
Assignments to present findings and conclusions

Don’t hold your talent back waiting for business to return to normal, let them loose and return thriving to a new re-imagined future.

Turn creative thinking into creative doing.


Back to the future

Setting up for a return to life, not as we know it. Now, as we enter a new post-lockdown reality, it's time to get back to the future and plan for the next chapter of your story and all that this entails...  

Brand new 1 and 2 hour interactive online workshops designed to arm you with a next stage of skills to solve current challenges and set up for future success.


Modules include:

Stargazers & Playmakers

Feeling like you've been head down, pushing on through? Come and join us to lift your eyes to the skies, get creative with your future, and learn how to gather a team around you to make brilliant things happen.

Challenging Conversations

We explore how people naturally respond to change and how to practice resilience when times are tough. By taking the time to consider how to prepare yourself mentally for sharing bad news, you’ll be more able to feel in control when the time comes.

 Wilderness Leaders  

Explore the stories of great adventurers and look at how their expertise in navigating in wild places can help any leader to step confidently and gracefully forwards even in uncertain territory.

Pushing the reset button

Plan for a return to work and adjust to a new routine with a focus on people and culture.

Embracing Change

Proactively process and own change to achieve future success.

Compassionate Leadership

Create conditions to nurture a renewed collective focus and responsibility​.


Our FizzPopCOACH ACTIVE coaching packages bring together the best learning stimulus with empowering coaching conversations... a dream combination to help give you the space to think and spark your ideas. Designed for individuals to solve specific challenges or peer coaching for small groups of up to 6.

Our programme includes the following packages:

  • Smooth transitions

  • Wilderness leader guides

  • Embrace change and build resilience

  • Plan your future in unchartered waters

  • Leading an all-star team (virtually)

  • Perform at your best and boost your wellbeing

  • Lead from the front in tough times

Available as individual or group sessions.

Three words best describe my experience are... personal, value-driven, empowering

FizzPopBANG coachee


Comms that create sparks

Navigate and connect to your brave new world

Communicating to your teams has never been more important. We are specialists in creating engaging materials to share company messages that truly inspire people to take action and feel part of a community. 

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