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Leaders, teams & individuals

Peacemakers and pacesetters

Re-discovering your purpose, accepting difficult realities & getting agile to create your future

Somehow, in the face of a great deal of turbulence and uncertainty, we have to accept what is going on, because fighting with reality is a big waste of energy. That doesn’t mean we have to give in or give up. Making peace with what is and using our energy on what we are able to influence is the surest way to make things better and give you back control. In this session we help you rediscover your purpose, accept difficult realities and set a new pace to do your best work. We learn how to create a dynamic balance between acceptance and action. We explore the art of ‘Zen Planning’ and how it enables calm in the chaos. We understand how to find the heart of your brand and ways to use your deep convictions as a launch-pad for inspired action.

2 hour session

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