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FizzPopBANG is the baby of founders Imogen & Carla

 Our story...
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The year the FizzPopBANG journey began
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Carla and Imogen found a magic formula. As Head of HR and Head of Brand at Red Bull, they both discovered a passion for building strong, high performing teams by developing a vibrant culture.

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We hired our first recruit

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FizzPopBang is the baby of Founders Imogen Pudduck and Carla Cringle. Previous head of Brand and Human Resources at Red Bull.

We owned and developed the Red Bull People, Brand and Innovation Programmes. Now we advise companies across all industries who are passionate about developing their brand and passionate about their people, and who want to join them together to maximise business performance. Sharing the special secret to help them find their own sparkle. We are now joined by a team of bright sparks to take on the world of Brand Employee Engagement

Our mission

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So you get…


People who bounce out of bed in the morning, loving what they do at work and can’t wait to tell the world


Teams who are engaged with the business objectives and are fully committed and excited to deliver them


A more productive dynamic work environment where everyone can thrive and business results speak for themselves

We create strong and spirited cultures by working with companies across all industries to help them build brilliant, authentic internal cultures and discover who they are and their vision of the future. We help people to be their best every day and produce amazing results.

It’s as easy as…

Today we are an awesome team of experts specialising in creating behaviour change to drive high performing teams, engaged employees and internal brand ambassadors…
Carla and Imogen's story ignited the Values that make us uniquely us...
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