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These are words we’ve all heard numerous times before… but what does it really mean and how can it actually help us?

For me ‘Savour the ordinary’ has never been more meaningful than right now. We’re smack bang in the midst of that time of year when diaries feel fuller than ever and our heads get jam-packed with list upon list of “things". These lists tell us what we must buy, do and achieve, all before 31st December, in order to see 2018 as a successful year! And then of course it’s time to make those New Year’s resolutions, set new goals for 2019 and start all over again.

Goal setting absolutely has its place. Don’t get me wrong, it is incredibly important, but even goal setting can become unhealthy.  I am starting to notice that the happiest people I know (and isn’t happiness what we’re all really looking for?) manage to achieve a healthy balance between striving for their goals while also being in the present moment. They have an openness and ability to notice and savour the simple things in life that bring us joy, each and every day.  All those small things we often overlook: 

  • Feelings

  • Tastes

  • Smells 

  • Colours

  • Sounds

Take for instance the warm feeling you get when you truly connect and enjoy someone’s company. For me, on a personal level, I love the simple sight of my children happily and safely tucked up in bed at night. It’s these ordinary moments that make up the majority of our lives so surely we should recognise their wonder and embrace them? 

I recently attended the funeral of a loved one and never was it more apparent as I listened to his friends and family talk and share their memories. What did they talk about? It wasn’t his grades, his career successes, his biggest tangible “achievements” - though he had achieved a great deal. They looked back and remembered the funny moments they had shared at school, at college, at work and at home. So many people shared positive stories simply about the way he had made them feel: his kind heart, his sense of humour, his fun and up-for-it attitude to life.

So ‘savouring the moment’ to me is all about these tiny pockets of time we are blessed with every day, the things that can seem so insignificant at the time but are actually what really matter. These are the ordinary things that occur on a daily basis and when noticed and appreciated can turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary one.

I challenge you today to give yourself permission to slow down, ESPECIALLY if it feels like you don’t have the time to do so. Enjoy these small moments. Just notice and reflect. See what you see and feel what you feel. Recognise the things we so often take for granted.  Take the pressure off yourself, even for just a moment, and go savour the ordinary. ❤️

By Elisa Hill

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