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A curated collection of sessions to help people adapt to current challenges, build the right environment for cultures and teams to flourish and find new energy by re-igniting shared purpose and ambition for the future.

Formats to learn the way you like to learn, our sessions are available...




(When this is possible)



Virtual interactive sessions



Digital self-reflection in the form of online modules which support face-to-face or virtual lessons

Get in touch to discuss which format might suit you best

Smash current  challenges


Getting comfortable with the great unknown and building confidence to take charge and face anything.

Modules include:


Wilderness leaders

Learning how to lead and navigate during uncertain times where change and the unknown is a part of life.


Helping to see opportunities and gifts in disruption and to find creative inspiration in whatever is going on, in order to achieve brilliant things.


Taking viable ideas for positive change and turbo-boosting them into practical experiments and action, to shape the future for the better.

Peacemakers & pacesetters

Re-discovering your purpose, accepting difficult realities & getting agile to create your future.

Thriving in wild times

Positively adapting and getting creative to stay happy, connected and effective in wild and uncertain times.

Being a Guide in wild times

Giving you the confidence to guide and lead others well during wild times.

Being human in a virtual world

Breaking out of the virtual box and increasing your presence and relationships with others.

Challenging conversations

Giving you the tools to act and react in the bravest way possible when having difficult conversations, to minimise the fall-out and move on in a positive way.

Don't just be well be AWESOME

Focusing on what matters, learning how to manage your energy rather than your time.

Hackathon thinking

Involving your team to creatively solve business challenges.

Like a Jedi, awaken the force within you

Seeing new beginnings as an opportunity to reset and use our internal force to re-imagine what the future of work could be.

*Stargazers and Playmakers can be run together, as a package to generate ideas and then turn them into practical experiments and action. Length is reduced to 3 hours.



Our FizzPopCOACH ACTIVE coaching packages bring together the best learning stimulus with empowering coaching conversations... a dream combination to help give you the space to think and spark your ideas. Designed for individuals to solve specific challenges or peer coaching for small groups of up to 6.

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Three words best describe my experience are... personal, value-driven, empowering

FizzPopBANG coachee

Our programme includes the following packages:

  • Smooth transitions

  • Wilderness leader guides

  • Embrace change and build resilience

  • Plan your future in unchartered waters

  • Leading an all-star team (virtually)

  • Perform at your best and boost your wellbeing

  • Lead from the front in tough times

Available as individual or group sessions.

Smash current challenges

Adapt to a new future

Creating the right work environment for impact and high performance

Modules include:

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Mastering a connected culture in a nomadic world

Adapting to the new future by building a stronger, more connected and vibrant team culture, ready to take on the world!

Being your best self in a virtual world

Taking the best from the office and the best from home working to create new magical energy providing habits and interactions.

Two worlds collide

New normal has changed forever. As we move into a place of hybrid working, get the best out of your team no matter when or how they work.

How to be a virtual facilitation ninja

Learning how to run awesome virtual workshops and meetings with active, engaged participants.

How to be a virtual facilitation master#

Taking your virtual facilitation skills to the next level by honing your style, managing your audience and practising for every eventuality.

Meetings rebooted

Helping you to make meetings more inclusive, effective and positive, significantly improving how your team solves problems and makes decisions.

# This session builds upon the skills developed in 'How to be a virtual facilitation ninja'. Become a ninja first before getting your master badge.

Adapt to a new future
Reignite our shared ambition

Reignite our shared ambition

Helping to reach new levels of success in the future, boosting engagement and motivation


Modules include:


Re-igniting our brilliance and getting back to our best

A series of energising conversation starters to strengthen the team culture, to feel motivated and revitalised about the future.

Look for your North Star

Defining purpose and a vision for success.

Embedding values

ensuring your values come to life everyday through behaviours and action.

Comms to create sparks

Comms that create sparks

Create engaging HR messages like a marketeer


Communicating to your teams has never been more important. We are specialists in creating engaging materials to share company messages that truly inspire people to take action and feel part of a community. 


Digital onboarding


Content and materials are curated into a digital onboarding programme, consisting of live presentations, digital interactive content and online reference material. Branding and design of your materials allows you to speak from one voice and creates a sense of belonging.


Turning in-house content to excellent online sessions


In the age of Zoom fatigue, bringing content to life and through the design and creation of online sessions that appeal to all types of learners. Your brand can be applied and brought to life across your content to make it sing.

Programme & initiative communication campaigns


Packaging up your learning with impactful design that resonates to create maximum impact in the minds of your people.


Engagement happens when you create a buzz around your comms and this is what brings awesome content to life.

Narrative and playbooks


Strategic narratives that bring an organisation's various initiatives together in a way that is compelling and accessible. Bottling up your story.

We can also help individuals create personal narratives that feed into the strategic narrative of their organisation.

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